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About Me

I’ve never been one to tread lightly into the unknown; I’m more of a full stream a head type person.

This attitude towards life has taken me on many great adventures from trekking in Nepal, to volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia and even running a marathon. In my working life it has meant that I have had my fare share of career changes.

To someone on the outside it may seem like I wander aimlessly through life. But really I’ve just been unwilling to accept anything that felt mediocre in my life. I’ve been determined to seek out things that speak to me and to follow those passions.

This brings me to the journey that’s currently evolving. For years I’ve practiced yoga casually on and off, always really loving the state of clam and peace it gave me but never considering it as a career. That was until I did my first 30 day challenge at Kula Yoga, practicing every day for 30 days was physically a step up from my usual 3 days a week but I never could have imagined the transformation that unfolded.

The mornings where I turn up to class sore and tired thinking that I’d be spending half the class in Childs pose usually turned out to be some of my best classes. Not only was I witnessing my own resilience each time I got through a class that seemed impossible but something else was happening. Life in general was easier; I wasn’t affected by the things that used to cause me such emotional unrest. The way I experienced my world had completely changed and it was magical.

In a relatively short space of time yoga had made a profound difference to my life. I wanted to explore and learn more and felt compelled to pay it forward. It was a natural progression to look at yoga teacher training courses. In October of 2014  I did my 5 week intensive 200hr Teacher Training with the amazing Alicia Cheung.

After completing my teacher training my life has evolved significantly. The things that seemed impossible before are now starting to manifest and in May of 2015 I started a 4 year Bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine. At that time I felt my purpose in life was to help people improve their own innate capacity to heal. Through movement and Chinese Medicine I was going to help people discover true wellness.

However this wasn’t to be my calling. Now there is a story behind why this didn’t workout for me and if you read through my posts you’ll find it. While the story is significant the important part to me is this: I listened to my gut and I did what felt right.

I’m a firm believer that the universe is always giving you subtle signs to point you in the right direction and I’m proud that I backed myself. I didn’t get stubborn and force myself to continue the course out of pride and I didn’t force myself to continue because of the financial investment I’d made getting 18 months in. I made my decision purely based on what I felt I needed at the time.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do but I just knew it had to be something I was passionate about. For the next 12 months I coasted, let life settle and didn’t take much time to think about what I wanted career wise. The was okay for that period of time but I eventually got a point where I felt board and unsure of what to do next. I knew I didn’t want to teach full time but I also felt a little bit guilty about actively perusing my corporate career. Guilty because it felt like it was betrayal of the wellness industry and worried that it could mean walking straight back into the crazy stress and huge hours that I’d been exposed to as a graduate accountant.

I tortured myself for sometime about what my next move might be then one day on my morning commute to work it hit me.  This whole work life balance thing; taking on new challenges/responsibilities in your working life and not having it negatively impact on your physical and emotional health. Balancing ambition and life outside work. This is the challenge that most people face. This could be my purpose; to help people maintain balance in their work life balance by actually walking and the walk and talking the talk.

This blog is my way of exploring ideas and topics that I believe are important to good holistic health. I delve into my own experiences to share what I am learning along my journey in the hope that somewhere along the way people connect and are inspired to take action in their own lives.

Love and Blessings


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any feeback or questions


4 responses to “About Me”

  1. Thank you for your authenticity. Your statement: “The mornings where I turn up to class sore and tired thinking that I’d be spending half the class in Childs pose usually turned out to be some of my best classes.” Helped me to realize, now in the beginning of my own yoga practice, that I need to go to class today even though I hurt, I am sore, and would rather stay sitting on this chair. I understand the need to sometimes do what just feels right at the time, even if that is just sitting here and not doing yoga today. However, in the end, going will feel so much better than sinking into laziness. I look forward to reading more.

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