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Yoga Teacher Training – Day 1&2

The first thing that struck me from the first person I met is the insane amount of kindness and friendliness that emanates from everyone here. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such universal positivity in the one place. It’s truly beautiful and leaves wondering why it’s not a reality at home. There’s something brilliant about strangers embracing you in huge hugs like you’re their long lost best friend.

I was nervous leaving melbourne not only was I thrown by forgetting my mat – who forgets their mat- but I had so many doubts about if I actually had what it takes to be the kind of yoga teacher I admire.

The second I got here all of that changed immediately.  I felt empowered by all the love I was instantly surrounded by and I knew I was in completely the right place for me.

I did 4 hrs of physical practice today and it was seriously though but amazing rewarding.

The journey is definitely going to be the most challenging thing I’ve done to date and I know I will be tested time and time again and there will probably be tears but I know this is going to be transformational and life is going to open up in the most beautiful ways from here on.

May you give unconditional kindness to all those you come across.

Love and blessings




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