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Yoga Teacher Training Day 3

Day 3 and we’re in to our proper schedule
6.30am meditation
7am breakfast
7.50am theory
10.30am asana practice
1pm lunch
1.50pm theory
3pm study time
6.30pm dinner
7.30pm yoga documentary
8.30 well and truly ready for bed

Over the next 30 something days I’m sure there will be days that really push me to my limits but as they say that’s where your growth edges are.

I’d like to share some of the guidelines we’ve been given for our yoga practice because they translate so nicely into every day life

– Practice Daily – this doesn’t have to be yoga it can be anything but daily rituals are important to maintain.
– Honor where you are now, do not force things, be mindful of challenges.
– Learn to listen, to wait and to tune in.
– Don’t rush.
-Learn to perceive your intention and what is motivating you.
– Learn to see subtle agendas and games you play with yourself.
-Learn to control your approach,  intention and attitude.
– Value silent time. Practice being still
– Be attentive to the moment rather than a goal or idea of how it should be
-Discover where you tend to over work and where you tend to under work

May you take these little tips into your life to create a more beautiful experience of life



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