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Welcome to Rambling Yogi. This site is my space for sharing ideas, tools and experiences that help to build your capacity to thrive in life.

  • Meditation – Mental Exercise

    Meditation – Mental Exercise

    Just like lifting weights makes your muscles stronger, practising meditation grows your ability to cultivate peace in your mind. How many times have you heard someone say, I’m feeling so unfit, I really need to do some exercise? Majority of people readily identify with the connection between good physical health and physical exercise. Now how many…

  • Mindful May – Being the observer

    Mindful May – Being the observer

    It is often said that in order to be mindful, we must begin to observe our mind. Observing our minds can be quite a challenge as most of us are conditioned to our minds driving our behaviour and emotions. In the lead up to Mindful May, I had taken a slightly different approach and chosen…

  • Mindful May –Mindful Makeover

    Mindful May –Mindful Makeover

    I’ve always loved a challenge, there’s something about asking myself to find my edge that I find addictive. This May I’m going to undertake a Mindful Makeover Challenge, not because I’m feeling scattered or am displeased with myself in anyway but just because I love discovering new things about myself. Below are the key things…

  • Mindful May

    Mindful May

    There is no doubt that technology has changed the world. Modern life is fast paced and we are more connected than ever before. Connected through email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on. Connected and yet disconnected. Our attention is constantly being caught by notifications encouraging us to check into the virtual world…

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