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  • Getting things done

    Getting things done

    Before writing this post I’d assumed that procrastination was all about motivation and time management. I’d never considered that it would be more about trying to avoid unwanted emotions.

  • How Yoga Can Improve Your Running

    How Yoga Can Improve Your Running

      Yoga is a great complement to any runners’ regular routine. Regular running will create tightness in some areas of the body and leave other areas relatively week. Yoga can help to loosen out those tight spots and strengthen weak muscles – making you a better less injury prone runner. Studies have shown that yoga […]

  • Don’t look back in anger

    Don’t look back in anger

    When my father passed away unexpectedly on Friday 3rd July 2015 my entire world changed forever. I remember the most intense feeling of disbelief, as the ICU doctor explained that he was not able to be revived, my brain when into overload.  I had been with him an hour and a half before hand, they had said he would be out […]

  • A little boost of self love for valentines day

    A little boost of self love for valentines day

    The stories we run in our heads often don’t provide the most compassionate perspective on who we are and what we have done. We are often our own biggest critic and when we rerun stories of our perceived inadequacies we begin to believe them. These stories and negative viewpoints can lead to really miserable situations […]

  • Easing into life

    Easing into life

    The year just past really challenged me to start taking some personal responsibility for the state of my life. I realised just how much of a big difference there is between knowing something and actually putting it into practice. Putting things into practice requires self-awareness, a willingness to let go of current ways, a healthy dose of courage to take action and determination to keep […]

  • There will be days like this

    There will be days like this

    There are days where the pain hits me so hard I could almost choke on it. A song will come on the radio that reminds me of my dad and I’m gone – tears are immediately rolling down my face, I can hardly breathe and I find myself doing that loud childlike crying. In the […]

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