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Welcome to Rambling Yogi. This site is my space for sharing ideas, tools and experiences that help to build your capacity to thrive in life.

  • Why not now

    Why not now

     Freedom is a theme that keeps coming up for me and it’s something that I definitely struggle with back home in Melbourne. Yesterday I had a bit of a light bulb moment and simply must share what lit up for me. So let me just quickly speed you up on my life right now. I’ve…

  • Lavender Love Affair

    Lavender Love Affair

    Lavender has got to be one of my all time favorite scents, from the actual plants to essential oils I am a very big fan. When your looking at essential oils there are so many great uses,  just be sure to go for a therapeutic grade oil and not your standard oil candle variety which…

  • An inversion a day keeps the doctor away

    An inversion a day keeps the doctor away

    I’m a really big fan of inversions in all their forms.  Generally speaking an inversion is any pose where your head is below your heart. So while headstands and handstand are probably the first things that come to mind you’re also in an inversion in downward facing dog, standing forward folds and even legs up…

  • Finding freedom

    Finding freedom

    I’ve been home from my yoga teacher training for a little over two months now and I’d like to take the chance to talk about the struggles I’ve faced since coming home. Talking about tough times isn’t something I’m comfortable with, but I’ve come to recognise how very important it is. I’ve found that there’s a certain freedom…

  • Are you spending your time measuring or mattering?

    Are you spending your time measuring or mattering?

    I’m not sure who wrote this but it was shared with me at my teacher training in Bali by the beautiful Angelic. Coming home from teacher training has been seriously hard, there have been many tears and moments of doubt but  I’ve found great comfort in reading this to myself and reminding myself what matters.…

  • The Dali Lama – How I start my day

    The Dali Lama – How I start my day

    I believe a good morning is the beginning of a good day.  If we wake up in the morning and are happy, even if we face small irritants, we can cope with them. If we wake up in a bad mood or are unhappy, even the smallest problem will make us angry.  Mental attitude is…

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