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  • When you begin to love yourself

    When you begin to love yourself

    If you asked 10 people from completely different cultural backgrounds to define love you would probably get 10 different definitions. Yes of course there would be some common themes running through their definitions but love is going to mean something different to all of us which will mean that how we express that love will…

  • Let Go

    Let Go

    What in your life can you let go of? Clinging to thoughts, ideas and material possessions that do not serve you will hold you back in life and make you suffer. When you are attached to your way of thinking you are not open to new ideas and opportunities for learning and growth. In the…

  • My Favorite Savasana Poem

    My Favorite Savasana Poem

    You have to love a good savasana poem. This has been my favorites and if you’ve never read it before you’re in for a treat! It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s so much that you can take from it. Happy reading xx The Invitation By Oriah Mountain Dreamer It doesn’t interest me what you do for…

  • Yoga Teacher Training – week 1 Ahimsa – Nonviolence

    Yoga Teacher Training –  week 1 Ahimsa – Nonviolence

    If I were to ask you how often you behaved violently what would be your answer? Violence is often associated with psychically hurting another person but what if I expanded the definition of violence to be behaving in a way that is not kind to others or yourself. Once you start exploring the ways that…

  • Yoga Teacher Training Day 3

    Day 3 and we’re in to our proper schedule 6.30am meditation 7am breakfast 7.50am theory 10.30am asana practice 1pm lunch 1.50pm theory 3pm study time 6.30pm dinner 7.30pm yoga documentary 8.30 well and truly ready for bed Over the next 30 something days I’m sure there will be days that really push me to my…

  • Yoga Teacher Training – Day 1&2

    Yoga Teacher Training – Day 1&2

    The first thing that struck me from the first person I met is the insane amount of kindness and friendliness that emanates from everyone here. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such universal positivity in the one place. It’s truly beautiful and leaves wondering why it’s not a reality at home. There’s something brilliant about…

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