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Welcome to Rambling Yogi. This site is my space for sharing ideas, tools and experiences that help to build your capacity to thrive in life.

  • See the person not the disability

    See the person not the disability

    Today is international day of people with a disability and I’d like to share a story that was shared with me when I first started working at Scope.   A few years ago, a colleague of Scope was travelling by train to a business meeting in the city. He planned to catch the train to…

  • Learning to Live

    Learning to Live

    When my dad first passed away a number of people who had lost loved ones told me that you never really get over your loss. At the time it felt like I was being told that I was never going to be okay again, that somehow I was now broken beyond repair and I truly hated hearing it.…

  • Self Care

    Self Care

    Taking the time to look after yourself before you burnout and or get sick is one of the greatest preventative medicines out there. Self care in essence is a simple concept and yet so many of us struggle to make the time for ourselves. Perhaps it’s that some of us feel guilty and a little selfish making…

  • The Puzzle of Life

    The Puzzle of Life

    One night I woke up at 2am struck with an idea about life and how it all fits together. Being only half awake I wasn’t sure if it was brilliant or just pain silly but I wrote it down all the same and drifted off back to sleep. In the morning I came back to it and started…

  • 30 Days of Kindness – my journey

    30 Days of Kindness – my journey

    The biggest thing that came out of me doing my 30 day kindness challenge was probably the change in how I define kindness. When I set out to do my 30 day challenge I wrote out a list of nice things I could do for myself which included things like massages, flowers, yoga and other self…

  • The grief journey

    The grief journey

    As I made the long trip up the coast to Merimbula I was struck by how my journey on this road trip reminded me of my journey through grief. When I set off I did what I usually do and quickly looked over the map of where I was going, it all looked pretty straight…

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