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A little boost of self love for valentines day


The stories we run in our heads often don’t provide the most compassionate perspective on who we are and what we have done. We are often our own biggest critic and when we rerun stories of our perceived inadequacies we begin to believe them. These stories and negative viewpoints can lead to really miserable situations and ultimately hold you back from the greatness that is you. The mere fact that you are on this earth and breathing means that you have immense value and have something extraordinary to offer the world.


This valentines day I want to offer you an affirmation for love and acceptance; a new story to replace the old rubbish. Whether you’re loved up in a relationship or flying solo, give yourself a little extra love today! Because you just as much as anyone else you are worthy of your love and affection.


I am enough. I completely love and accept myself just as I am. I recognise that I have always done the best I can in any given situation and I expect nothing more from myself.  I am grateful to all the challenges that helped me to become the person I am today.  I let go of the need to criticize myself or replay mistakes of the past. I replace negative thoughts about myself with positive ones.


I love and value my body. I treat it with respect. I let go of any insecurities that I have ever felt about myself. I am strong and empowered. I am beautiful and amazing. I appreciate my health and I nourish my body with good food and exercise. I am worthy of all things wonderful. I release any self-sabotage that holds me back for living my life to its greatest potential.


I free myself from the things that do not support my sense of worth. I do not judge myself. I am not a victim. I take great care of myself. I am patient with myself. I allow myself to go with the flow of life.  I take this journey of healing one day at a time.


Happy V Day beautiful souls


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