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How Yoga Can Improve Your Running



Yoga is a great complement to any runners’ regular routine. Regular running will create tightness in some areas of the body and leave other areas relatively week. Yoga can help to loosen out those tight spots and strengthen weak muscles – making you a better less injury prone runner.
Studies have shown that yoga reduces stress, improves strength and flexibility, eases pain, helps people to stick to an exercise routine and even improves running times. Below are some of the key benefits that runners can expect to experience.

6 Ways Yoga Benefits Runners

  1. Improves strength and efficiency – Builds strength evenly in muscles, joints and ligaments. Strengthening the core will help to improve the power you receive from each stride as your foot strikes the ground meaning that you will get more bang for your buck. Who doesn’t want that!
  2. Helps prevent injuries – Helps prevent injury by increasing flexibility and strength as well as awareness of the body. Yoga helps you to find the balance between strength and flexibility and have happy muscles with a good range of movement. Increased body awareness will mean that you are less likely to push your body beyond its limits and risk injury.
  3. Enhances breathing – Breathing exercises will help you to optimise each breath and potentially increase lung capacity. Becoming conscious of your breath can have a profound impact not just on your running but your life in general.
  4. Mental strength – Cultivate improved focus and awareness through mindful movement and meditation. Allowing you to run with a greater sense of self belief and push through mental barriers while still being able to discern when you need to pull back.
  5. Loosens tight muscles and facia – Simple movement and supported held stretches help to rehydrate and release restricted muscles and facia. Increased flexibility can help to relieve nagging aches and pains.
  6. Improves energy – Helps to reduces stress and improves sleep allowing the body to get better quality rest. And really everyone needs a little less stress and better quality sleep.



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