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A whole new year

Without letting go there can be no new space. Without space there can be no change. Without change there can be no growth.


People often set new years resolutions in the hope of achieving some sort of self improvement. Whether it be a health goal, a financial goal or perhaps just an all round I’m going to sort my shit out goal, it all comes back to the desire to make some part of your life better.

In concept it’s a great idea; pick something out that you’re not happy with and make it a goal to change it. So why do new years resolutions almost never last more than a couple of weeks or if you’re lucky maybe a couple of months.

I think firstly when people set out to make changes they don’t invest much time exploring and trying to understanding why they actually want to change, what the change would mean to them and what has been blocking them from making it happen in the past. So when they begin to set the change in motion it’s really only a surface change which looks good on the outside but fails to break into the deeper, more hidden aspects of their soul; the only place where real change and growth come from.

The other thing is that when people refrain from habitual behaviour it often brings up uncomfortable feelings. It may stir up sense of anxiety or uncertainty. It may show them parts of themselves that they were trying to avoid. It may even leave them questioning who they are without their old habitual patterns. It is these feelings that often drive people back to their old known ways; there’s a certain safety in that place.

With all of this in mind my challenge for myself this year is to stop one habitual behaviour with the intention to see what I can learn about myself in the space that is created. For me I knew straight away what I wanted to try and stop. I want to not buy any new clothing for the next 12 months. It may not sound like a bit of a weird challenge but for me I think it’s perfect.

Firstly it will most certainly be a major challenge for me. Many years ago a boyfriend challenged me to not purchase any new clothing for a week and to my horror I only lasted 4 days before I bought something without even thinking. It’s been a habit I’ve had for so many years now that I really can’t wait to see what comes up for me when I’m just dying to purchase something; to see what I have perhaps been trying to escape for years.

Secondly I think that it will be a good chance for me to recalibrate and take stock of all that I already have and begin to realise that what I have is enough.  I’m super excited for the element of simplicity that I hope this challenge brings to my life and I welcome the uncomfortable as a special kind of magic.

Here’s a fabulous new year filled with new goals, new focus, new adventure and lots of magic.






8 responses to “A whole new year”

  1. I am with you. My goal is not for a whole year, but a recalibration on self work from previous years that got disrupted by two cross country moves, job changes, and the death of my mother. Part of my “New Years to Fool Years” challenge is a strict budget, no credit card, and a little book that contains where all the money goes. Having done something similar before, that little notebook is a great material reminder. Also, have you read http://www.amazon.com/Not-Buying-Year-Without-Shopping/dp/0743269357/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&is book came out the year I was getting rid of all my stuff. It was an interesting time. I look forward to reading about your experience.


  2. I would like to try your challenge as well Clare! The only item of clothing I need to buy this year is my wedding dress but otherwise I just want to enjoy what I already have 🙂

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  3. Each of us have strength and weaknesses. I liked the way you described your thoughts. I like the post. The photos took the reader to beautuful places and your words. Left the reader with something to think about.


  4. I’m curious…how did it go? Sounds like something that I need, but honestly, don’t think I could do! Not that I need anything more. Of course, I already have everything I need…I’m going to really consider this. Just thinking about the space I would create by not visiting stores or websites has me intrigued. I hope it went well for you.


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